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If the surface to be sprayed into the steel, anti-theft door paint green paint is preheated will produce a layer of oxide on the surface to be sprayed, so easily affect the binding force between the coating and the steel, in order to improve the connection between PPS coating and steel and binding force, suggested in the process of sand spraying for spray spray on the surface of a thickness of 0.05~0.08mm zinc or aluminum, and then zinc or aluminum in the preheating, spraying PPS can improve the bonding force for other metals, as long as the preheating is not generated in the oxide layer, to be sprayed directly on the surface of PPS coating, powder coating, flame spraying, spraying distance to ensure the reasonable adjustment of the coating quality is important.

In general, powder coating, flame spraying, and the distance between the nozzle end surface should be 150~200mm, the spraying distance is too close to the flame spraying with PPS and composite paint, green paint with PPS powder and other characters of composite resin and modified materials and configuration, these modified materials include a variety of colors antioxidant, plasticizer, leveling agent, through the modification, the powder coating to make flame spraying, coating has the required color and various properties, particle size is generally 60~80, fluidized bed dipping into sulfide coating electrostatic fluidized bed dipping, fluidized bed coating powder coating is one of the coating method of the earlier implementation at the beginning of 1960s, our country began to research the fluidized bed coating technology for thermal solid powder coatings, the raw materials have been developed to nylon. Polyester, pe.

Epoxy polyester and fluorine resin, products including household appliances, household goods, steel structure, etc., in the 1 operation of the fluidized bed soil to take the following measures to improve the uniformity of the film. Breathable plate must meet the requirements of uniform ventilation, the best use of vibrating fluidized bed coating. Green environmental protection paint workpiece as far as possible to the bed with the minimum cross section of the powder layer immersed in painting. Try to reduce the air flow. During the dip coating process, the workpiece should be left and right to swing or rotate. Dip coating process can be turned over and down 180 degrees painting. Vibration of construction machinery. The vibration intensity is determined according to the shape of the workpiece. For example, copper powder automatic coating machine on the workpiece 6 to 8 times per second, the vertical amplitude of 8 ~ 10mm of vibration.

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