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The anti-theft door paint solvent is basically can evaporate completely, but some solvent is slow, while the solvent volume is small, but if the long time exposure to toxic substances, do harm to the human body health. Therefore, in the purchase of paint must see whether the strict restrictions on the use of solvents. Toxic solvents for production and construction personnel will cause direct harm, so be sure to pay attention to whether the paint ingredients contain these solvents.

Anti theft door paint plate material can choose steel, stainless steel, steel / wood, copper or other composite materials. The door frame according to the security of the B, C, D should be selected 2.00mm, 1.80mm, 1.50mm. The door outer panel, the inner panel thickness in "board / board" form, according to the security level of B, C and D respectively 1.00mm/1.00mm, 0.80mm/0.80mm and 0.80mm/0.60mm should be used. The thickness of the plate of a grade a security door is in accordance with the condition of its anti damage performance. If you choose to allow the thickness of steel board should not be less than the second level anti-theft security door frame and the door leaf thickness and deviation requirements.

Steel surface rust and dirt on the adhesion of the coating to the substrate is bad. Such as the use of strong acid rust, not only will cause pollution to the environment, but also produce corrosive residues, solid combination between coating and substrate effect. In order to support and phosphating, coating, using phosphoric acid (acid not volatile) pickling, and adding a surface active agent, corrosion inhibitor, the degreasing and derusting work completed in one step.

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