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Teach you how to spray anti theft door paint(Hits:) 
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Use good paint, can make our homes more beautiful, we do not attack the formaldehyde, and the color is more pure. Notice also how to give security door paint problem?

The paint is better used in sand doors before one can remove some of the paint in the background, and secondly, smooth surface is easier; do not worry about the rust problem, not sprayed two times, increase the thickness of the film. Must be in strict accordance with the instructions, use a small amount of methods, every 35 minutes, spray a thin layer, if the paint, the door of my house is about two square, about 400 ml of spraying three times better than disposable spray bottle.

Try to choose the spray during the Tian An door, night lights attract just paint easily stick insect bug.

Protection needs to be done, hats, masks, gloves, work clothes, one can not be less and wear glasses, better make the spit; we are one hundred key open - a large number of shoes stuck on the white paint.

Security doors, able to withstand long-term use of paint, so there is no fear for many years the fall paint, metal paint color in the atmosphere, high wear resistance and do not need to worry about the problem of rust.

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